Our Philosophy and Care Objectives in Concord CA

Chiropractor Concord CA Harris Meyer

The ability we all possess to heal from injuries and illnesses is known as “innate.” It’s the reason we’ve sustained life for thousands of years. It has its limits of course: a torn rotator cuff for example won’t heal “normally” without professional care in Concord CA; and serious illnesses often take a life if heroic measures are not provided.

Two Care Models in Concord CA

There are two clear health care models available to us these days. The first is truly a health-care approach as it seeks to identify causes of ill health and assist innate in restoring optimal health, and then maintains it. This is done without synthetic chemical drugs under most circumstances. The result is healthier, happier humans. The second model is the sick-care model. In this more common system the provider typically uses man made drugs to alleviate symptoms of disease but rarely addresses the causes. How many people do you know who take multiple medications…for life? This model has not been resulting in healthier, happier humans. Which model suits you?

Consider this: If the oil light comes on in your car you know to add oil pronto, right? Well, if the light comes back on a few days after adding sufficient oil, you add more oil. This routine could be continued but it’s likely that there’s a problem responsible for this persistent loss of oil. Obviously an expert should be consulted to discover what’s causing this situation before there is potential damage to engine parts which could spell the end for your motor. It seems clear that simply adding more oil is not the solution. This is akin to taking drugs to reduce pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, heartburn, etc. It’s not correcting the cause of the problem that is resulting in your symptoms. If you are requiring more drugs to manage your health as time goes on, it’s a good indication that you are getting sicker. In fact, if the drugs were really working, you would not need them after a few days. If you keep getting the oil light flashing or other symptoms, it will be far better to find someone who is really concerned about your health and will find the true cause of your problems. This way the symptoms will often resolve rather quickly without the need for drugs.

There are several key components needed to maintain good health:

  1. Optimal nutrients needed for healing, repair and to keep all our organs functioning at their peak.
  2. Identifying and reducing exposures to toxic elements, environmental chemicals, heavy metals and other stressors that interfere with repair and cause nutrient depletions.
  3. Appropriate functioning of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. If the nerves, muscles, and skeletal joints don’t work properly our innate healing is compromised.
  4. Rest, attitude and others are also very important.

Drugs and medical care can be lifesavers as treatment for crisis situations, certain traumas, and prolonged neglect. However, these are rare occurrences for most people and drug use should only be temporary if a person chooses to get truly healthy. Healthy people need no drugs. Testing is essential and really the only way to find out the true condition of the body and your health status. Most diseases and conditions will show up in the blood, hair and urine long before symptoms ever occur. It’s extremely common to have absolutely NO symptoms whatsoever until end stage conditions have developed. Believe it or not, you can feel perfectly normal and yet be so sick that only 20% of your normal liver, kidney, or pancreatic function remains. Most of us have known someone who thought they were in good health only to die suddenly or quickly after a serious disease or condition was found that had unknowingly progressed to a critical point. The truth is: how we feel is NOT an accurate picture of how healthy we are. The illnesses that resulted in travesty would have been found with appropriate testing.

The premise behind annual physicals with your doctor is to identify any problems at the earliest opportunity and therefore resolve the issues before they worsen. With the testing and treatment we offer, not only do we accomplish the same thing, but you will enjoy better understanding and a much better degree of overall health.

Care in our office begins with identifying the causes of your symptoms whether they are pain, tingling, allergies, respiratory problems, headaches, etc. Then a plan is formed to use chiropractic and/or clinical nutrition to correct the problems to the greatest extent possible. Spinal decompression, cold laser, and infrared light therapy are frequently employed as well.
This is real healthcare.


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